Wednesday, May 23

My days of sleeping in are pretty limited, seeing that I start summer classes in just two weeks. With that, it's vital that I squeeze in every little bit of summer that I can before work and school start to cut into my pool time! My inner to-do list goddess inspired me to compile my summer must's - take a look:

1. Host a classy barbecue (oh, it is possible).
2. Spend time writing my out of state friends letters.
3. Go to a drive-in movie.
4. Picnic dates with the boy I love.
5. Get a tan, or when in doubt use tanning lotion.
6. Go on a spontaneous weekend vacay (hello mountains!).
7. Break a sweat at least once a day.
8. Book three more independent weddings.
9. Actually follow my budget. 
10. Read more books. Feel free to leave suggestions :)

What's popping up on your summer list? I'd love to know.


  1. I was just planning on doing a post like this soon. It probably wont be for a two more weeks until I am official done with this school year. You have a great list. And I hope you enjoy every minute of your mini summer vacay.

  2. I love love this post!! Summer!!<3


  3. I need to write up a list of my own. Even if I dont stick with it completely, its still fun to think up new things to do this summer. I hope to read more books as well. Have you ever read A Young Wife? I just finished and really loved it (although the beginning is a little slow)

  4. I love reading posts like this, I'm a compulsive list-maker :)
    The new layout is great by the way! Love the new header.

  5. i love it, it's completely necessary! actually, my husband & i are making our bucket list tonight!

  6. I wish we had drive in movies in the UK- I have always wanted to go to one!


  7. great post! i love this..

  8. Your newest follower!
    I hope you get to tick off every item of your summer must do's!

    Amanda xo

  9. Catching up on my reading today (; I better be one of those out of state friends! You definitely need to write me! I've been dying to write letters to someone!!

    Love ya girl!

    -Morgan (BBFF)

  10. Sitting by the pool all day is my number one for such a list :D I just love water!

    Quite A Looker

  11. your summer list looks like so much fun! i'm in school for a couple more days and then me and the hubs are heading to my home town! yipeeee!