Wednesday, May 23


My days of sleeping in are pretty limited, seeing that I start summer classes in just two weeks. With that, it's vital that I squeeze in every little bit of summer that I can before work and school start to cut into my pool time! My inner to-do list goddess inspired me to compile my summer must's - take a look:

1. Host a classy barbecue (oh, it is possible).
2. Spend time writing my out of state friends letters.
3. Go to a drive-in movie.
4. Picnic dates with the boy I love.
5. Get a tan, or when in doubt use tanning lotion.
6. Go on a spontaneous weekend vacay (hello mountains!).
7. Break a sweat at least once a day.
8. Book three more independent weddings.
9. Actually follow my budget. 
10. Read more books. Feel free to leave suggestions :)

What's popping up on your summer list? I'd love to know.


Saturday, May 19

Okay so this isn't really new content...I actually made this a few months ago before my impromptu/unexpected blog break. It's kind of too good not to share, I was feeling pretty guilty over here! Without further ado...
chocolate chip cookie dough brownies! 

I used a box mix to make brownies...if you wanna be all overachieving baker over there go right ahead and make them homemade. Either or. Let them cool completely - I put mine in the fridge for an hour before the next step.

I used this chocolate chip cookie dough without eggs recipe (no salmonella for me!). Cover the cooled brownies completely.

Heat chocolate chips in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until chocolate chips are perfectly warm and melty. Use the back of a spoon to smother the chocolate chip cookie dough layer completely.

Once completely covered, pop it in the fridge for a few hours until the chocolate coating has hardened. 

Now use your imagination to view the final was way too good. No time to snap pictures when you have a chocolate chip cookie dough brownie in each hand...
Sorry, not sorry.


Sunday, May 13


from the wedding last year

Happy Mothers day to the best friend I've ever had, my Mom! 

Thank you for your kindness and unconditional love every single day. There is nothing that I look forward to more than coming home from school and catching up with you about all the little things in life. For all the lessons from "people aren't for hitting" to starting an IRA- you make me laugh the hardest and love the most, and I am forever thankful to have such an amazing friend in you.

I hope one day I can be the kind of Mom you are to me.
I love you! Happy Mother's day!


Saturday, May 12


 After a crazy two and half months - it's finally summer! It hasn't quite hit me yet as the weather has been more on the grey side and I'm currently living out of boxes until I move into my new apartment in a week. I'm dreaming of those lazy days by the pool...and as weird as it sounds, I'm getting more and more excited for my summer classes (who am I???).

I love fresh starts, and that's exactly what today, being the first day of summer, feels like. Cheers to summer!