Wednesday, April 4

 lately i have been beyond overwhelmingly busy. normally this is something that immediately puts me in a bad mood, but this time it has been so different. i think its because i truly love and enjoy my work (in all forms) to the point that i'm up until crazy hours at night, and have no issues waking up just a few hours later to wrap things up. i'm sleepy, but its fun, so i can't complain too much :)

sponsored my first ever hannah pobar photography event- a comedy show in downtown denver

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// i love the work though - view them live (1) (2)
so many shoots, too! which of course, i also <3

and that's me on the cover of rocky mountain bride magazine
i'm also working with a super talented designer (shameless plug) on a site rebrand!! i've never been so excited to share- only a few more weeks!


  1. Awesome!! Congratulations!! That is great that you are doing something, that you truely love!! Love the friends photo shoot!!

  2. they are awesome. love the photography shoots

    Check it out if you are interesting. I'm giving a giveaway for a design blog, the talented sisters from Truly Your blog, they will be drawing a blog something you want, with props, a draw picture that look likes you. Interesting? Go on and enter and hope to win...

    Good Luck

  3. i'm loving that fact that YOU look gorgeous on the cover of rocky mountain bride AND that you take such gorgeous pictures too!! that's awesome :)

  4. You are amazing and so cool ! You look gorgeous on that cover !! Great job girl !!

  5. So much exciting stuff! Your designs look great, and you look amazing on that cover!

  6. Everything you're doing looks amazing!! Design work is the only kind of work I know that is so chaotic, stressful, and crazy yet is worth every single bit of lost sleep. :) So rewarding!

  7. Congrats hannah! That's so exciting. You look beautiful on the magazine cover!

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