1000 GIFTS

Wednesday, April 18

With so much going on the past few weeks, I had sort of been falling out of fashion- not feeling creative or very inspired. Trying to catch up on everything left me struggling to balance the demands of work and school and a social life.

Lately I've begun noticing the joy in the littlest things. I've been waking up 15 minutes early to just lay in bed and watch the sun move through my big bay window and reading more novels. I go on walks with my camera in the wonderful mix of sunshine and rain. I screen calls/emails. I talk to my sister on the phone. An accomplishment fills me with a moment of peace and well-being.

Inspired by Sarah from Fairy Tales are True, I too am reading (but more like obsessed with) One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and am excited to start my very own 1000 gifts list. I love the idea, the mindfulness. Being present. I hope to learn to be fulfilled in whatever I do, in whatever happens, that seems like the challenge to me :)

Join me?

#1. Rainy afternoon walks
#2. A clean room
#3. Breakfast on the patio


  1. I love love love this :) I definitely keep filling up my 1000 gifts app on my phone and i LOVE reading them again-and reading yours too!

  2. i sort of have a "1000 gifts" but i do it in a different form. this is ever-so lovely. and your photography? le gah.
    -jocee <3

  3. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I am your newest follower:) If you want, you can follow me back, I'd be very happy!

  4. Being able to enjoy even the littlest of things is always a wonderful feeling + those photos are wonderful. What camera do you use?

    Lovely blog too btw,
    xo L

  5. I am obsessed with your blog and your photos!!! Consider me a NEW follower!!!

  6. Great post,and I LOVE the pretty photos! I love the idea of breakfast on the patio! Seems we need to get our patio furniture together! -Jessica


  7. This is actually good news, because fashion is not where it's at, but in nature and godly things, I love your photos here!!!