Tuesday, February 14

happy valentines day! while this hallmark holiday does tend to be one of my favorites, i also see where it is easy to get caught up in. sometimes, i think, it's healthy to take some time to reflect on all the little things that we love or that have a special importance to us, and when exactly is a better time than on this great big day of red+pink, candy and love? 

the list:
handmade things, like this scarf my mom knit for me. my puppy snuggled in my lap. the familiar dip of my own bed after a vacation. falling asleep in the car. afternoon naps. sleeping in general. learning to cook and being okay with not being perfect at it. notes from my boyfriend. a clean closet. being crafty. getting caught up on emails. everything that has to do with my sister. feeling independent. deep and meaningful conversations. laughing fits.

i'm also really loving getting to launch my little print shop over at bright wishes today during her 1000 followers giveaway week! be sure to enter to win any 8x10 print from my new shop swoon often!


  1. So darling! My mother is a knitter too. xo, rv


  2. You are right, we all should take time to be thankful for the little things we love :)


  3. love the scarf! especially that your mom made it for you :)