Monday, February 13

Okay so technically these are gloves, but for cuteness sake let's call them (s)mittens! These are really easy and all around adorable- I'm excited to give them as a little Valentine's day gift to my best friend! 

You'll need those inexpensive gloves (I snagged mine at Target for $1), a scrap of felt, scissors, a marker and a hot glue gun.

Draw or trace a heart with the marker onto the scrap of felt. Cut the heart out.

Cut the heart in two pieces (I just eyeballed it) - place the pieces side by side on the gloves, thumbs facing out. Fasten with a little hot glue.

Hot glue both pieces of the heart. 

1...2...3...awww :)


  1. They're cute! I might try this. I think I have an old pair of gloves sitting in a box somewhere!


  2. on this same day etsy emails sent this out!! ironic ...
    but perfect for someone who doesn't have time to make it ... cute blog


  3. Oh how cute! Those are definitely a little higher quality than mine thats for sure haha :) I actually saw a photoshoot with a pair of gloves similar and thought "hey i could make those haha!" :)

  4. Aahww I love them! I'm DIY -ing all the time myself! This is a great idea with the winter coming up!