Wednesday, February 29


blouse - gap, slacks - loft, cuff - forever21, shoes-gojane.com
Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first ever trunk show on behalf of Rocky Mountain Bride. What a fun way to spend my "extra" day of the year! I was so fortunate to meet the amazing designers Gino Velardi and Jose Duran and so many others! Needless to say I was in heaven.

I'll share my little adventure later this week via Rocky Mountain Bride Inspiration Blog - so be on the lookout!


Monday, February 27

This weekend was an absolute blur! I was in Reno, Nevada for a leadership conference with hands down the most absolute amazing people. It was a great experience, but is there anything that beats sleeping in your own bed after a trip? Not in my book! Here's whats making me smile about being home this morning:

 my favorite forever 21 find ^ 
 lately i'm all about the bunting banners and my fave boy ^
mirror pics....you caught me!  ^


Tuesday, February 21


1. adorable breakfast cereal bowls i picked up for myself (happy valentines day, me!!) that i got to break out while catching up on emails in the morning

2. spied my fave magazine, though i might be biased, at the tattered cover front and center at a book signing

3. enjoyed some love poem chocolate having coffee with my mama. i folded mine right up and kept it because it is so sweet!

4. couldn't help but order penne rosa at noodles & company...my usual

5. CJ's team win their basketball conference! currently they are 4th in the nation! pretty sweet if you ask me :)


Thursday, February 16


I wish it was Valentine's day every day- or at least socially acceptable to eat cupcakes and cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner always. Too much to ask? Too soon?

How was your Valentines Day?
Sweet? :)


Tuesday, February 14


I'm absolutely thrilled to announce my latest little muse- a new collaboration with Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine as their guest blogger. It's been an exciting experience so far and I'm really looking forward to sharing my blog posts and trips to bridal shows! I'll be working on content for their site on a weekly basis, sharing the latest trend breakdowns, wedding beauty details and sneek peeks of our shows. The first feature begins today (with a Valentine's inspired wedding post that I'm obsessed with) and new posts will launch every Tuesday. You can follow Rocky Mountain Bride on Facebook or register on the main site for access to the portal.



happy valentines day! while this hallmark holiday does tend to be one of my favorites, i also see where it is easy to get caught up in. sometimes, i think, it's healthy to take some time to reflect on all the little things that we love or that have a special importance to us, and when exactly is a better time than on this great big day of red+pink, candy and love? 

the list:
handmade things, like this scarf my mom knit for me. my puppy snuggled in my lap. the familiar dip of my own bed after a vacation. falling asleep in the car. afternoon naps. sleeping in general. learning to cook and being okay with not being perfect at it. notes from my boyfriend. a clean closet. being crafty. getting caught up on emails. everything that has to do with my sister. feeling independent. deep and meaningful conversations. laughing fits.

i'm also really loving getting to launch my little print shop over at bright wishes today during her 1000 followers giveaway week! be sure to enter to win any 8x10 print from my new shop swoon often!


Monday, February 13

Okay so technically these are gloves, but for cuteness sake let's call them (s)mittens! These are really easy and all around adorable- I'm excited to give them as a little Valentine's day gift to my best friend! 

You'll need those inexpensive gloves (I snagged mine at Target for $1), a scrap of felt, scissors, a marker and a hot glue gun.

Draw or trace a heart with the marker onto the scrap of felt. Cut the heart out.

Cut the heart in two pieces (I just eyeballed it) - place the pieces side by side on the gloves, thumbs facing out. Fasten with a little hot glue.

Hot glue both pieces of the heart. 

1...2...3...awww :)


Thursday, February 9

one piece of clothing every girl needs: a yellow jacket (find mine here). not only will this jacket practically constitute as an entire outfit in itself but you will also find yourself smiling all day at random strangers and happy, happy, happy! 

i bought my jacket for an adorable, cupcake inspired shoot with on sunshine photography my sister and i did a few weekends ago! i'm obsessed (with both the pictures and the coat, obviously)! 

all photos by on sunshine

the only thing that could possibly make your day better, is while wearing your yellow jacket, you find out you just scored your dream internship at Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine! hoorays are in order!


Monday, February 6

/// all pictures from ban.do ///

valentine's day is completely my favorite holiday- i love the music, pink/red, sparkles, hearts everywhere- how can you not smile?! 

that's probably why i am so smitten with the little shop ban.do and all their valentines day goodies! my personal fave? the heart shoe clips! too cute!