Sunday, January 15

okay so i know it's a little late in the game, but i'd really like to post about my new years resolutions...mostly to hold me accountable but also because this is the first time i have actually had meaningful ones! as the year came to an end, i had an overwhelming urge to sit down and write out my goals. not just for the coming year, but for..well, all the rest of my life. it may sound kind of silly, but i feel like writing them down gave me so much enthusiasm and confidence to carry them out.

new years resolution keychain made from shrinky adorable/mind blowing! aren't they cute?
ready for some resolutions?

i want to do more things in life. wow so broad, right?! i mean as in not sticking safely to what is on my to-do list. frankly, my favorite thing to do ever is sit at my desk in front of my 27in iMac (can you blame me?). i want to be more spontaneous, something that is really hard for a control freak over here!

like my keychain says, i want/need to learn how to cook yummy food! gotta be marriage material, ya know..

and above all, i want to follow my heart. this includes being a better friend and saying how i feel. 
i want to spend a little time each day appreciating the ones i love, this great giant amazing world all around me, and the incredible opportunities i have right in front of me.

what were your resolutions?! i'd love to hear :)


  1. One of my resolutions (well, my main one) is to learn how to cook too!

  2. I'm so not marriage material lol I FAIL at cooking. Seriously every time I cook no one wants to eat. It's so depressing sometimes haha. Although I really need to learn this year since Alyson is getting bigger and all lol. I love the little keychain reminders though! :D

    Love, Jazmyn

  3. Those are great resolutions, and the keychain idea is too cute :)

  4. such a cute idea. i'm english though.... what the hell is shrinky dink?? lol. x