Monday, January 2

oftentimes i beat myself up simply because i obsess over something to the point that i lose all interest. i always seem to be in the business of planning, designing, creating, and then suddenly changing my mind. on a dime. nearly every 3 months, honest.

all the way back when i was 7 i had a dog treat business called woof woof waffles. i may have been terrified of dogs in all honesty, but i wasn't shaken by the challenges of entrepreneurship. i would go door to door, giving my seven year old sales pitch to my neighbors...but by the time i got my first few orders, i had already changed gears- working on my babysitting business cards.

despite my constant mind changing, my love for design never wavered.

and while interning at Michelle Kroll Photography my passion was confirmed. hearing michelle talk about how much love she has for her work, and the people she works heart just knew, this is what i need to be doing, too.

this has been a tireless dream. 
one i carefully constructed on countless pads of paper, planned during lectures i should have been listening to, thought of each and every night before i fell asleep, continuously prayed for. something that has been a work in progress, a learning experience and a chance to cultivate something that is so near and dear to me.

now, i'm in the business of forever letting you relive those special moments you wish you could tuck into the back pocket of your heart...the ones that most often seem to be overlooked in life.

hannah pobar photography provides heartfelt, artistic photographic services, tailored to each client. i value individuality and the simple things that inspire and make life sweet.

so happy!

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  1. Hannah!! I'm so happy for you :D The website looks AMAZING and I am so happy you found your passion! I have always done the same thing changing my mind. I remember making a magazine when I was little and going around to houses wondering if people wanted to subscribe to it! ha I am so excited for you! (did I say that already? haha)

  2. This is beautifully done, Hannah! You are wonderfully talented - I always love looking at your work!

  3. Your website is GORGEOUS! Love love love it! I am constantly sketching ideas and I find that I get the best ideas in lectures. I don't know why, but the monotone professors and dimmed lights somehow spark my creativity. Haha. Good luck with your new are super talented so I'm sure it will be a roaring success :)

  4. I was exactly the same way! Then I found a combination of art, blogging, photography, tattoos and piercing were going to be what i wanted to do for the rest of my life!


  5. This is awesome!! You're so talented! I hope you do well in your business (:

    I'm having a giveaway and would love for you to enter

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous! Love it! I wish I could take pretty pictures. I guess for now my phone will have to be good enough- yikes.

  7. some of my most favourite photographers are the youngins'... your talent is fresh and new and oh-so creative. GOOD LUCK! I'll be following you on facebook ;) Sara K