Sunday, January 1

january// i ring in the new year with my very best friends, bake lots of cupcakes, and celebrate my last teenage birthday with wonderful friends.
 february// i go all out for valentines day - but so does clay. his basketball team wins the RMAC conference championship, we throw a fun st. patricks day party!
april, may// april 1st i launch my new (now this one!) site, *try* to learn to cook, score some sweet compliments,  & celebrate my best friends birthday.
june// i walk my mom down the aisle! she marries the love of her life, we have our first night as a new family (in all of this)
july// more weddings! 3 to be exact! i work on a few bridal shoots
august// i throw a very tall someone a surprise birthday, i transfer to the University of Colorado at Boulder, clay and i head to minneapolis to my cousin's wedding
september and october// i assist for at the first wedding i've ever done with Drake Busch Photography, the wedding is later featured on COUTUREcolorado, i share my first "real" portrait session/clients, i work with Keri Doolittle Photography to shoot marketing material for a museum opening as a wedding venue! clay wins best costume award for the rest of our lives.

november// i get to hangout with my fave friends in breckenridge, colorado at my business fraternity's formal, head home for thanksgiving, then spend a weekend visiting family
december// bake a cute cake for my best friends birthday, make new christmas traditions, launch D.I.Y segments and a new 17inheart.com design, and ring in the new year with the greatest people!!

this year was amazing!! i also wanted to share my photo session giveaway win from on sunshine photography - what a treat to win, especially on new years day! yay!

here's to 2012 being as lovely as 2011!


  1. What a great year! I hope this year is just as amazing as the last :)

  2. Looking forward to the 2012 posts! Keep it going!

  3. Lots of weddings!! Weddings are the most awesome.

    I like that picture of you hugging your tall guy :) And then the halloween one. What an appropriate costume.

  4. I'm new to your blog and loving it! I have a very tall boyfriend as well (although not as tall as yours). The giraffe costume is priceless!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had an awesome year!

    New follower by the way :)