Tuesday, January 31


can i tell you something? the last few days have really been a bummer. but today yesterday so different - so exciting and happy and...hopeful. you see, as of lately i feel as if i am literally chasing, running full speed after my dreams which feel like they are right in front of me...teasing me, so close. at times i get worked up about things not working out in the way i want them to, when i want them to - but as much as i say i hate that feeling - i secretly love it. i secretly love the disappointments, the disappointments that make me work harder, be more prepared; a smarter individual.

today it finally clicked- it's cliche (don't cringe), but it's all about your perspective. and from here on out, i'm choosing the happy/hopeful one :)


Monday, January 30


This weekend, to be short, was sweet! Seriously though, I got to hang out with Jennie from On Sunshine Photography - shooting at Happy Cakes and all around downtown Denver! She might just be my favorite person in the world, not only is she so talented but she fed me pretty well too (cupcakes, cookies, cake pops...) Do you see a recurring theme here?

Since it is January and nearly freezing outside, we would pop into cute little shops and places to warm up every once in awhile. My heart seriously smiled when we saw a couple, tucked away like a secret,  sharing a loveseat reading the same book together. So naturally I ask them if we can take pictures of them...to which they blush but agree. I'm all, "Sorry this is kind of creepy but..."Then gave them Jennie's business card so that they can get the pictures from her later. On our way out we ran into me in a magazine...oh hey!

All that fun took place Saturday, and then I had a cozy little Sunday- spent writing a paper for school wrapped in one of Clay's sweatshirts...a place of near comfort and peace. I love cuddling up in his clothes. They smell so good...I'm sitting here trying to come up with adjectives as to what his clothes smell like...but they just smell..like him. And it is so wonderful. Kind of creepy, but mostly cute. As was the entire weekend!

Well those are my deepest thoughts of the day...Happy happy Monday! Hope your weekend was sweet :)


Sunday, January 15

okay so i know it's a little late in the game, but i'd really like to post about my new years resolutions...mostly to hold me accountable but also because this is the first time i have actually had meaningful ones! as the year came to an end, i had an overwhelming urge to sit down and write out my goals. not just for the coming year, but for..well, all the rest of my life. it may sound kind of silly, but i feel like writing them down gave me so much enthusiasm and confidence to carry them out.

new years resolution keychain made from shrinky dink...so adorable/mind blowing! aren't they cute?
ready for some resolutions?

i want to do more things in life. wow so broad, right?! i mean as in not sticking safely to what is on my to-do list. frankly, my favorite thing to do ever is sit at my desk in front of my 27in iMac (can you blame me?). i want to be more spontaneous, something that is really hard for a control freak over here!

like my keychain says, i want/need to learn how to cook yummy food! gotta be marriage material, ya know..

and above all, i want to follow my heart. this includes being a better friend and saying how i feel. 
i want to spend a little time each day appreciating the ones i love, this great giant amazing world all around me, and the incredible opportunities i have right in front of me.

what were your resolutions?! i'd love to hear :)


Monday, January 9

Today I am 20 years old...kinda crazy right?! 
I'm spending the day with my best friends...and get this..my boyfriend made me a cake! Baked it himself! I couldn't be more proud! My life is a bushel of blessings...more than I could ever explain in words. Today is just one of those :)

"She knew, of course, that there was something about her that was different. But it was more like a friendly spirit than like anything that was a part of herself. She brought everything to it, and it answered her; happiness consisted of that backward and forward movement of herself. The something came and went, she never knew how. Sometimes she hunted for it and could not find it; again, she lifted her eyes from a book, or stepped out-of-doors, or wakened in the morning, and it was there-under her cheek, it usually seemed to be, or over her breast-a kind of warm sureness. And when it was there, everything was more interesting and beautiful, even people." 
-Willa Cather (Song of the Lark)

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes today!


Friday, January 6

I've had the absolute most busy week yet! A few days ago, my adorable little niece came to visit Colorado...we have been having so much fun with them! Family is such a blessing.

I took Macy Jo on her first trip to my favorite cupcake shop on Mainstreet. It might just have been hands down the cutest thing I have ever seen! Macy loved her baby cake and mine, too! At the end of our little trip she even enjoyed a glass of milk- on the table! She makes us all laugh so much, she is just precious!


Monday, January 2

oftentimes i beat myself up simply because i obsess over something to the point that i lose all interest. i always seem to be in the business of planning, designing, creating, and then suddenly changing my mind. on a dime. nearly every 3 months, honest.

all the way back when i was 7 i had a dog treat business called woof woof waffles. i may have been terrified of dogs in all honesty, but i wasn't shaken by the challenges of entrepreneurship. i would go door to door, giving my seven year old sales pitch to my neighbors...but by the time i got my first few orders, i had already changed gears- working on my babysitting business cards.

despite my constant mind changing, my love for design never wavered.

and while interning at Michelle Kroll Photography my passion was confirmed. hearing michelle talk about how much love she has for her work, and the people she works with...my heart just knew, this is what i need to be doing, too.

this has been a tireless dream. 
one i carefully constructed on countless pads of paper, planned during lectures i should have been listening to, thought of each and every night before i fell asleep, continuously prayed for. something that has been a work in progress, a learning experience and a chance to cultivate something that is so near and dear to me.

now, i'm in the business of forever letting you relive those special moments you wish you could tuck into the back pocket of your heart...the ones that most often seem to be overlooked in life.

hannah pobar photography provides heartfelt, artistic photographic services, tailored to each client. i value individuality and the simple things that inspire and make life sweet.

so happy!

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Sunday, January 1

january// i ring in the new year with my very best friends, bake lots of cupcakes, and celebrate my last teenage birthday with wonderful friends.
 february// i go all out for valentines day - but so does clay. his basketball team wins the RMAC conference championship, we throw a fun st. patricks day party!
april, may// april 1st i launch my new (now this one!) site, *try* to learn to cook, score some sweet compliments,  & celebrate my best friends birthday.
june// i walk my mom down the aisle! she marries the love of her life, we have our first night as a new family (in all of this)
july// more weddings! 3 to be exact! i work on a few bridal shoots
august// i throw a very tall someone a surprise birthday, i transfer to the University of Colorado at Boulder, clay and i head to minneapolis to my cousin's wedding
september and october// i assist for at the first wedding i've ever done with Drake Busch Photography, the wedding is later featured on COUTUREcolorado, i share my first "real" portrait session/clients, i work with Keri Doolittle Photography to shoot marketing material for a museum opening as a wedding venue! clay wins best costume award for the rest of our lives.

november// i get to hangout with my fave friends in breckenridge, colorado at my business fraternity's formal, head home for thanksgiving, then spend a weekend visiting family
december// bake a cute cake for my best friends birthday, make new christmas traditions, launch D.I.Y segments and a new 17inheart.com design, and ring in the new year with the greatest people!!

this year was amazing!! i also wanted to share my photo session giveaway win from on sunshine photography - what a treat to win, especially on new years day! yay!

here's to 2012 being as lovely as 2011!