Friday, December 2

in light of the approaching holiday season, i was excited to put together a pinboard of cute packaging ideas! i'll admit, wrapping presents might just be more fun to me than actually whats inside!

STAMPED GIFT TAGS - remember rubber stamps?! i can't wait to pull out my really old craft boxes and get going on these | PERFECT BOWS HOW TO - because i've always wondered | FRINGED PAPER BAG HOW TO - more rubber stamp fun | FUNKY LACE - whats not to love? | FABRIC WRAPPED - hello, adorable & really ridiculously easy. why didn't i think of this?! | SIMPLE - my absolute fave | DIY GIFT CARD HOLDERS - much cuter than the tacky ones from stores, obviously | POPSICLE STICK TAGS - i love repurposed- and who doesn't have popsicle sticks hiding in their craft box? ...nobody | FANCY BOW HOW TO - i heart the unexpected |


  1. I LOVE the first packaging and the stamp! SUPER cute :)

  2. ummm i'm sort of obsessed with your blog as of 13 minutes ago and i think i'm gonna have to follow you now, hope that's okay, the end!

  3. I love the top picture! I would love to use it for my photography packaging!

    I love your blog templete!

    - Alyss from Alyssa Ann Photography

  4. WOW! Absolutely love your blog! You are soooo talented! And sooo beautiful!!!

    I'll be following!

    keep in touch

    xo CC


  5. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! And what a strange coincidence that you have links to CF too!
    Love your blog it's really beautiful. This post has given me loads of ideas for Christmas! xx

  6. These are awesome! I am going to try some of them.