INSPIRED BY: 09.06.11

Tuesday, September 6

How to have a lovely day:

1. sleep in ten extra minutes
2. wear a cute rainjacket and (try your hardest) not care that your hair is getting wet while walking to the bus stop in the rain
3. buy a sweet homeless man hot chocolate

if you don't live near homeless people, well i guess you can only have an okay day, not a lovely one. haha just kidding :) it was so out of the blue, and i loved it! normally when i see homeless people i have an urge to help, but i get caught up in thinking, "i don't have time/money/next time i totally will..." but today i just had this unrestrained love for this man i don't even know. he was so sweet. i was immediately filled with such hope and happiness.

ALSO (i know, big day right?) I received a CD today in the mail after shooting with the fabulous keri doolittle earlier this month! it's like Christmas people...seriously! the photos will be used in marketing materials for a museum that is now open for events and weddings.

my favorites:

photos by keri doolittle photography

keri doolittle photography

i really hope you had a lovely day today! :)


  1. You are SOOOO gorgeous girl! And I always give homeless people money and then I wonder what they do with it haha. It was rainy here in FoCo too :)


  2. These are beautiful photos! And those flowers are amazing!

  3. Oh my goodness that first one is GORGEOUS! and I love that you bought hot chocolate for a homeless man!

  4. It's so great to have a post from you. I haven't read one in a while, I'm not sure if you've been busy or I've just missed seeing posts from you on my feed, but HELLO :) I like your tips for a lovely day!

  5. Oh my gosh - I love that you say "try" oh so hard to not care that your hair is getting wet in the rain. That is SO hard to do sometimes! Sometimes I do care, a little too much! haha

    By the way, I second all the comments above me that said you are GORGEOUS! Not going to lie, I'm pretty jealous ;)

    ...but really the next thing I am adding to my to do list is buying hot cocoa for a homeless person! I also like making healthy baggies with a toothbrush, toothpaste, granola bar, kleenex, sanitizer and necessities - my aunt keeps them in her car & hands them out to people who need them!

  6. Beautiful!! You are a fabulous model and a more amazing person!! You rocked it, girl!

  7. You look SOOOO amazing!! To DIE for!!!

  8. Great list and STUNNING STUNNING photos. Beautiful! Let me know if you find the quote. I am a bit of a quote fiend!

  9. Well he is my husband so technically "we" bought him a :) I finally found the follow button! (it was probably there the whole time) haha

  10. oh my gosh you guys i know!! i always care...hahah and of course my new cute jacket doesn't have a hood! lamee

  11. Those photos are STUNNING! I love the one with the red chair... just magnificent!

    XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  12. The photos of those flowers are GORGEOUS! I can imagine why it would be such a great day. :D Oh, and you are stunning...seriously...