INSPIRED BY: 09.06.11

Tuesday, September 6

How to have a lovely day:

1. sleep in ten extra minutes
2. wear a cute rainjacket and (try your hardest) not care that your hair is getting wet while walking to the bus stop in the rain
3. buy a sweet homeless man hot chocolate

if you don't live near homeless people, well i guess you can only have an okay day, not a lovely one. haha just kidding :) it was so out of the blue, and i loved it! normally when i see homeless people i have an urge to help, but i get caught up in thinking, "i don't have time/money/next time i totally will..." but today i just had this unrestrained love for this man i don't even know. he was so sweet. i was immediately filled with such hope and happiness.

ALSO (i know, big day right?) I received a CD today in the mail after shooting with the fabulous keri doolittle earlier this month! it's like Christmas people...seriously! the photos will be used in marketing materials for a museum that is now open for events and weddings.

my favorites:

photos by keri doolittle photography

keri doolittle photography

i really hope you had a lovely day today! :)