HAPPY HOURS: 08.01.11

Monday, August 1


a very special, very tall someone turns 20 this coming tuesday! so naturally, i baked cookies. and then invited over his closest friends so we could all yell surprise as his walked in the door on saturday...


there was cake, food fights, sprinkler runs at one in the morning, 20ish year old boys wrestling, the island in my kitchen popping out of place, barbeque sauce in the hot tub, dancing...

 and a huge mess to clean up in the morning.
happy birthday to my sweet sweet boyfriend! 

and ohhh i have a surprise for you, too!
what can i say, i'm a girl of many surprises.

awhile back, kaitlyn from blog.isavirtue.net asked me to do a teaching segment for her "make art a part (of your life)" e-course- and as of today, my segment on portrait photography has been submitted! her ecourse is just as fun as surprise parties without the mess - so if you are interested in learning some fabulous artsy things, you can do so here.